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by providing personalised content experiences

Markus Holzmüller

VP of Sales at TIS

“I’d recommend Paperflite, especially to those companies who deal with complex buying centres. The service response time is out of the world, and the performance of the platform is flawless.”


TIS Industry: Financial Services

Treasury Intelligence Systems (TIS) is the global leader in optimising outbound payments.
Large corporations, banks and multinational businesses leverage TIS to transform how they connect global accounts, collaborate on payment processes, and improve critical outbound payment functions. With a large global footprint, TIS serves more than 165 customers worldwide and facilitates payments in over 100 countries.

says Markus Holzmüller.

the challenge

In our sales cycles, we have up to 30 people in the buying centre


that all
30 of them

had the right information available

was becoming a challenge

At TIS, an average sales process lasted for about nine months. One of the main goals, therefore, was to shorten the sales cycle by ensuring everyone involved in the buying cycle had all the material and access to the latest version. Markus and the Sales team wanted to also ensure that their prospects didn’t go hunting for a specific piece of content.

Another challenge TIS wanted to solve was providing a personalised content experience for their prospects at scale.

the solution

At TIS, the sales process involved close to 20 pieces of content. Markus and the TIS team needed a solution that could help them centralise all their content and make it easy for Sales reps to send out relevant content to everyone involved in the buying group.

was able to


their sales landing page

so that different stakeholders

on the buying committee could access content that was relevant to them.

For example, a stakeholder from the legal team could access all their NDAs and agreements, and a stakeholder from the IT team could access relevant documents such as security and integration documents.

Using Paperflite, TIS has built a self-service model where Sales reps can put together customised microsites in a few minutes without having to rely on Marketing or IT. As a result, the Sales team can now create hyper-personalised content microsites relevant to different prospects.

After discovery calls, the Sales team at TIS is able to create personalised sales portals for each customer. And as the prospect moves forward in the buying journey, for instance, after someone signs an NDA, the team shares additional content relevant to the specific buying stage..

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different people

in the buying cycle, and we’ve gotten great customer feedback.

the results

With the help of Paperflite, TIS has been able to drive


and has seen a



in personalised content microsites served to customers.

“My team loves how easy it is to put together a personalised micropage for each prospect, password-protect it, and share different information with the prospect as they move forward in the buying cycle.”

Markus Holzmüller, VP of Sales, TIS

shortened sales cycle length