Did I catch you

at a bad time?

With Engage, make every time you
reach out the right time for revenue




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sellers like you a




of the deal room 

and lets you initiate

This means

no more

sending your Sales followups in the dark and hoping in prayer that it sticks!  

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(a conversation)
when the time is right

Knowing when prospects view your content is one thing. Opening up a channel for live conversation while they’re actively engaging with is a whole another. 
This is now possible, thanks to Live Engage. 
It notifies you when a prospect starts engaging with your content so you can initiate a live chat with them when the time is right. Should you miss anything, the conversation history is always available for you—and everyone in your team who is involved in the deal— to go back and dig in!

Prioritise followups

based on

Engage also comes with intuitive prompt cards called Nudge Cards. 
These cards indicate how recently your prospect has interacted with your content, how active they’ve been, how your content is generating leads, and if you’ve missed responding to any conversation while you were away. 
With these, plan your followups according to your prospect activity and increase your chances of moving the deal forward in the pipeline. 

with what they see

The Live View is a dynamic carousel that keeps up with the prospect’s content consumption activity in real time. 
It tells you what their topic of interest is, which page of the content asset they’re currently viewing, and how the asset is performing at a micro level so you can structure your followup relevant to that. 
Live View continuously updates itself to help you steer the conversation, whichever way their attention is going!

Performance worldwide,

right through your window

Every dot on the Live User Map represents a content engagement hotspot and the colours indicative of just how hot. No more playing hot or not when it comes to your prospect engagement. 
This map lets you see the number of people interacting with your content and where they’re from - in a single glance. 
If your business is spread across the globe and you want to understand how well your content is performing across multiple regions, Live User Map might just become your best friend :) 


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"Did I catch you

  at a bad time?"

With Engage, make every time you
reach out the right time for revenue

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conversations with buyers when the time is just right.